Business terms of the Fasanerie ERFURT


All of our pheasants are guarantied pure and ringed offspring of our population.


Numerous of our pups are originating from import re-breeds coming from the fountain locations of the relevant countries.

Whilst the breeding population of our Phasianus-sub-natures is the only nature which has got a verifiable certificate of direct import from central Asia.


The delivery and shipments within Germany will be conducted by the company “Logistic-Express-Versand” for additional 35,- EURO.

Referring to official transport regulations, by the shipping company approved packing has to be used. The packing costs are depending on the size of the shipment, within a range from 5,- to 10,- EURO.


For creatures according to annex 6B of the international protection of species agreement V, protection status AI, additional approx. 5% to 10% of the creatures value will be charged by the government administration department in order to issue the EU-certificate.


Only fully healthy creatures are accepted for trading and shipment. In cases of customer’s reclamation an official examination report conducted by responsible veterinary has to be presented to seller (Fasanerie Erfurt). The veterinary charges of these examinations are paid by the customer. Considering a case of reclamation, the shortest period of incubation for the relevant disease has to be taken for granted.


The business contract between the buyer and the seller starts always in Erfurt. The buyer will bear all possible risks of transport and shipment. Also a possible influence on the healthiness of the creature, caused because of transport stress is excluded from reclamation.

Re-breeding success, extended live time, etc., of the creatures can not be guaranteed.


The hand over of the creatures into private custody will be exclusively against written purchase orders as well as advanced payment using a third party shipment company.


By handing over the creatures into official or public custody, like zoological gardens, the terms of business will be fixed within the shipment contract.


All exports of our creatures are articled to specific shipment contracts.


Until the payment is fully settled the delivered creatures belong to the Fasanerie Erfurt, as well as the right passing them on to third parties as long as they are in delivered conditions.


As the legal domicile of the institution Erfurt/Germany is agreed.



Erfurt, 04.04.2005


Christian Möller