Fasanerie Erfurt (Pheasant Farm in Erfurt)


The following introduced pheasant farm was founded in 1957 as an enthusiastic collection including some of the most popular natures of pheasants, wild pigeons, and some other precious poultry at very limited environment, the former residence, in the middle of Erfurt.


Within the year of 1974 this former enthusiastic collection was moved to the current location, the outskirt of the city, and since then it has been professionalized to an area of 7500 sqm covered with pheasant enclosures.


Within over 150 enclosures more then 60 natures of pheasants from all over the world are breed and cultivated. As well as the pheasants we cultivate 12 sub natures of HOKKOS and GUANS so other precious poultry.


Only some exclusive birds of the offspring’s will be available for trading- and handing over. Numerous re-breeds from imports are used for blood-replacement of the existing population.


Almost all of the Phasianus-sub-natures derive from wild capturing within their home locations in central Asia. Hereby 10 of the previous mentioned sub-natures came through Erfurt the first time to Europe.

Saying this, these breeding facilities in Erfurt are one of the most complete pheasant collections in Europe.


Referring to the fragile conditions of most of the Asian pheasant natures, the special attention is with the appropriate environment of the species, so the continuous attention from a team of veterinarians are guarantying a very good state of healthiness of the population also their offspring’s.


Referring to the main objective of this institution, the farm is currently engaged in the saving of pheasant natures which are threatened to extinction, also the institution is involved in the international development of breeding books of Crossoptilon crossoptilon drouyni, Tragopan caboti, Tragopan blythii, Lophura edwardsi, Lophura hatinensis, Polyplectron malacense and Polyplectron inopinatum.


The yearly offspring’s will be available for zoological gardens also for all other interested parties in over 40 countries all over the world.





Christian Möller